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Complete 2 simple steps:

  1. Return your unwashed bags to any return location

  2. Complete the return form below

Return Notification Form

Thanks for your return notification!

Returns form

What if I don't return on time?

We hope that 60 days is enough time for you to enjoy your purchase and find a day to return the bag. If not, we'll reach out to make sure that you're aware of your due date and ask you to return it as soon as possible. Our goal is always to get the reusable packaging back into circulation - for reuse!

An invoice for the $20 replacement fee per bag will be sent if we don't manage to get them back.

Late returns
Return locations

Return locations

Muuse Home Pick-Up

Muuse circle.png

Muuse has teamed up with Toronto businesses that use reusables to provide a home and office pick-up service for your Packt bags and other reusable packaging for a fee.


Pick-ups are offered every Friday to residents of Toronto, and you may include containers from Muuse, Saponetti, Bare Market, Unboxed Market, Harmony Organic, Pinehedge Farms, and Packt of course!

What if my pick-up date is after my Packt due date?

All good! Once your pick-up is scheduled with Muuse, we'll make note so that we know your bag(s) are coming back. You won't be charged if your bag is late because of Muuse pick-up.

Muuse home pick-up
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