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Quick how-to

You've received your Packt order, which kickstarts your 60 day rental period. Here we’ve included the information you need to continue using Packt easily.

If you haven't joined yet:

We request that Packt users complete a very short, free sign-up (1 minute) so we can support your rental by sending helpful reminders.

60 day rental

You may keep your Packt rental for 60 days from the date you received your bag (not the date your ordered).



We will send 2 brief text reminders to help you return on time: 7 days and 1 day before your bag(s) are due.



Option 1: In person

Stop by any return bin: porch bins or participating locations during their business hours.

Locate the Packt return bin, drop your bag(s) in, and scan the QR code to complete the brief return notification form.

Option 2: Muuse Home Pick-Up

Muuse has teamed up with Toronto businesses that use reusables to provide a home and office pick-up service for your Packt bags and other reusable packaging for a fee.

Pick-ups are offered every Friday to residents of Toronto, and may include containers from Muuse, Saponetti, Bare Market, Unboxed Market, Harmony Organic, Pinehedge Farms, and Packt of course!

Learn more.


Should I wash the bag before returning?

Nope! Leave it to us and our expert cleaning partner to deal with the rest. 

The bags are washed and sanitized in a commercial facility here in Toronto in accordance with health and safety regulations. We are proud to be using detergents and sanitizers made in Canada and available in bulk, package-free.​

Return locations:

Drop us a message here.

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