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Pilot project with Subtext Roasters & Boxcar Social

We are stoked to partner with Toronto's Subtext Coffee Roasters to pilot Packt. 


This innovative team also runs the well-loved Boxcar Social cafes and shops in Toronto where Packt is available for pickup.


Join and place your first Packt order today!

How to use Packt

1. Join Packt for free.

2. Rent: Order coffee in Packt bags from Subtext

Currently Packt must be pre-ordered online from Subtext for either local delivery (to M postal codes) or pickup from any Boxcar Social location. Coffee is available in 250g bags. When you place your order you will share your Packt member ID (your phone number) so that we know it is you.


Subtext roasts to order, so when you place your order online look for notes about your pickup date (Order by 12pm Monday for Wednesday local delivery/pickup or 12pm Wednesday for Saturday local delivery/pickup).

*Remember to check the location hours so your pickup is convenient*

Participating locations:

Then, best part: Enjoy that zero-waste homebrew. And when it's done, avoid the icky part where you throw out a single-use disposable coffee bag. Easy, right?

All Packt rentals are for 28 days. Don't worry, we'll send you reminders before it is due. 

3. Return your bags

Bags may be returned to any participating location. Just drop your bag in the return bin and complete the return notification form.


We will send 2 reminders to help you return on time: 7 days and 1 day before your bag is due. 

4. Repeat

When you’re ready to top up your coffee stash, just order and pickup a fresh one. 

Subtext team.jpg

The roasters behind the coffee

We are proud to be working with the Subtext team - curious trailblazers, gutsy entrepreneurs, community conveners, committed to sustainability and their values of purpose, integrity, and humility. 

Packt wouldn't be what it is today without them. 

Packt is piloting and will be adding additional partners and sales channels soon, so stay tuned.
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