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About Us

Beth and Agata like to fix things. Which is why we both worked for social ventures for a while - we see what is wrong in the world and we want to fix it! Packt was born out of our desire to fix the throwaway packaging problem! 

We’ve been living low waste lifestyles for years now, but no matter how hard we try, we always end up with some throw away items at our homes.


Because the systems in which we are trying to be low waste are NOT set up to be low waste. Linear economies are by nature wasteful. 

And as we interviewed consumers and businesses, it became evident, that they are struggling with similar barriers as we - they want to reduce waste but it’s hard or even impossible to move away from disposable packaging without tons of effort and time (none of which businesses or consumers have an abundance of)

So we set out to disrupt the throw away philosophy, and the systems. 


We are running a social venture that changes the way food is packaged and sold. We want to disrupt the notion of packaging seen as a worthless part of the product, something to dispose of after use.


Rather, it's something we should be mindful and build meaningful habits towards.


We are creating circular systems in which reusable food packaging circulates between Packt, food businesses, and consumers indefinitely.


And we want to make our service as easy as using the disposables. (Not an easy job!)


We deliberately chose specialty coffee as a starting point - to keep focused, specialty coffee is a pretty tight market compared to groceries!


And we all know that many people have very strong feelings about their coffee!

Community - we often couldn't get as far as we could just by ourselves. We believe the true power of anything good really shines with the support of others.

Authenticity - trust is something that we value with every relationship, with our customers and clients. We hold ourselves accountable and look to others in being transparent.

We imagine a future with systems where durable, attractive reusables circulate between businesses and end consumers, over and over again.

We simply want to keep our home better than we left it and protect the places we find beautiful.



We supply roasteries and cafes (customer) with sustainable, reusable packaging and a reusables system of recovery within a local peer network so that they can offer waste-free products to their customers.

“In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket!” ~ David Suzuki

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