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Join Packt for zero-waste products from local Toronto businesses. When you rent Packt from our partners, you will give your phone number so we know it's you.

By joining Packt, you agree to our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. Signup is not available on-site at partner locations.

Sign up here to start renting Packt bags immediately!

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What does it mean to join?

You are asked to join Packt by providing the above personal information so that you know and have agreed to the rules of the system (Terms of Service), and so that we can manage Packt rentals and returns.

Once you join, you can use your mobile telephone number (which is also your member number) to check out a Packt rental. You must provide this number when you make your purchase from our partners.

Members do not receive an account number, member code or member card. All you have to do is remember your phone number!

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