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Join our Pilot. Reduce Waste.

Join Our Beta Test

We're excited to announce our newest project: a waste reduction collaboration with Packt, a social venture working on making reusables accessible to everyone.


Coffee packaging has always wrestled with the line between preserving freshness and sustainability. Traditional formats are highly effective barriers but are often difficult to recycle and dispose of properly.


As such, we have continued to test and explore various options for better environmental stewardship. Packt is a locally based initiative that allows us to start testing a reusable alternative for our subscriptions.

How to Participate

Be the first Hatch customers to test reusable coffee bags. Join us on our journey to lower waste and revolutionise how coffee is packed, one bag at a time.

About Packt


Join our pilot - reply to our email regarding the pilot to say you're in. We'll get in touch with the selected few and get the ball rolling on our end.

If you're selected, complete a 1 min registration with Packt. They will set you up for reminders and your impact tracking.

Receive a free airtight Ankomn coffee container to store your beans.


It's on Hatch - to say thanks. And to make things easier for you.

Most stays the same!

You still receive your coffee in the same way: freshly brewed, right to your door. There is NO extra charge or deposit for the Packt bags.

Just remember to put the empty bags in the box they came in out for collection by your door or foyer for our courier with your next delivery. Packt will send you reminders before the next monthly delivery. You can also hand-off the bag to the courier if you take your delivery in-person. 

What Changes For You

We recommend you move your beans to an airtight container when your coffee arrives.

Hot Tip

Your Feedback

Like with every experiment, we and Packt need to know what you think. We will ask for your feedback as we test the program. Your feedback will help us make it even better, so that more Torontonians and more businesses can join you and us to reduce waste in the coffee scene.

We would be stating the obvious when we say that disposables are an environmental problem. In many cases, consumers and businesses have little to no choice when it comes to packaging. More sustainable options are often too expensive, have limited accessibility or lack the local support required for it to be effective. We want to change that and empower you with the choice of a reusable alternative.

Why We're Into Reusables

Is it safe to reuse bags?

The great news is that reusable packaging is perfectly safe when properly washed and sanitized. Packt bags are taken to a professional cleaning facility after each use. Packt doesn't allow for used bags to be refilled to keep us all safe and healthy.


How do I return the bags?

Simply leave them in the box your coffee came in at a visible place on your foyer in front of your door the day your next monthly delivery is scheduled to arrive. You can also hand it off to our courier if you accept your delivery in-person. 


Should I wash the bags before the return?

Nope! Just make sure there are no beans left in it. Packt and their expert cleaning partner will deal with the rest.


What if I forget to put the Packt bags out for collection?

Packt will text you 2 reminders before collection. If you do forget or you're away, our courier will collect them the following month. And then Packt will send a squad to collect them. (Just kidding about the squad)


What will happen with my information when I join Packt?

Keep it safe and for Packt's eyes only. You can review Packt's privacy policy here for more information.


Can I get one Packt bag and one disposable bag?

Right now, all pilot orders will come in Packt bags only.


What if I damage or lose a bag?

We trust you won't. Once you moved your Hatch beans to your Ankomm container, keep the bags safe until you return them to our courier the following month. 


Will a Packt bag really keep my coffee fresh?

Packt ran a series of blind tests with roasters in Toronto and found no consistent difference between the taste of coffee kept in the Packt and disposable bags. As with any unsealed coffee packaging, however, we recommend moving your coffee to an airtight container for guaranteed maximum freshness. This is what the Ankomm containers are for.


What are the Packt bags made of?

Scroll down to 'A Note from Packt' section to find out.


How are the bags washed?

The bags are washed and sanitized in a commercial facility here in Toronto in accordance with health and safety regulations. Packt uses environmentally-neutral detergent and sanitizer made in Canada while employing a refill system.


A Note From Packt

"Hey Hatch Fans! Beth and Agata from Packt here.


We're stoked to be joining forces with Hatch to pilot this project. Our venture was born out of the desire to disrupt the reign of disposable food packaging by giving forward-thinking businesses like Hatch and YOU access to reusables.


We want you to be able to enjoy your favourite brew knowing that no garbage is produced in the process. We want everyone to be able to choose what's better for our planet, which is hard as most coffee is sold in throwaway or hard to recycle packaging.


Thanks for being part of the solution."


The Bag

Packt bags are made of a hemp and cotton blend and are lined with a food-grade water-proof film. They were designed with coffee in mind. They can safely carry coffee and are thoughtfully made by hand in Quebec.


To find out more, check out their website.




905 474 3555

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