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Health, Safety & Sustainability

These three words are important to us, and they correlate. For the future to be safe, and for future generations to be healthy, sustainability must be a driving force in everything we do.

Our sustainable eco-friendly packaging is designed with kids like these in mind: for the planet, for their future.

Health and Safety of Reusables

Packt was created to reduce single-use waste, in hopes of building a healthier, safer future for all. It is unfortunate that the safety of reusables has been called into question as if we haven't been reusing forks and cups in restaurants for years, and suggests we forget that our restaurants and other food vendors are trained in health and safety procedures to keep us all safe. We prefer to keep trusting them. 

Single-use disposable products do not contribute to a safe and healthy future. Their production and manufacture includes resource extraction and CO2 emissions, and they quickly end up disposed in landfills or as environmental pollution, wreaking havoc on our habitat, especially our waterways, and the wildlife we cherish.

Our friends at Canada Reduces have put together a great page on this topic, including a statement from global and Canadian health experts about the safety and benefits of reusables.

Product Quality

Packt bags are handmade in Quebec with a biodegradable cotton-hemp blend exterior, and a food grade lining, which keeps your purchase safe and fresh. 

When bags have run their course and can no longer serve their purpose, they will be recycled with TerraCycle.

Wash and sanitation

Packt products are washed and sanitized in a commercial facility in accordance with health and safety regulation.

We are proud to be using detergents and sanitizers made in Canada and available in bulk, package-free. 

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