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Packt's eco-friendly packaging allows for zero-waste coffee, along with your other package free goods, like these lemons and clementines.

Choose sustainable. Try Packt today.

You told us that you want more sustainable choices. That you want to create less waste. That life is busy. We heard you, and we hope that Packt's eco-friendly reusable packaging is the solution. 


1 Join for free

Join Packt (free) to have access to Packt reusables wherever* they're available.

*Subtext, Bampot, Crisper Kits + Poured Coffee / The RE Place

2 Rent

Using our partners sales channels (website or in-store) rent each bag

for 60 days.


Find out how here

3 Return

With 60 days, you don't have to rush (and don't worry, we'll send 2 brief reminders).  Just be sure to return your bags, unwashed, to a designated location & scan the QR code.

4 Repeat

Keep it simple: when the bag is empty, pop back into the shop, drop your used bag in

the return bin, and pick

up a new one.

Piece of cake.

Scroll down for complete pricing details

Coffee and succulents


Free to join

Free. Period.

$0 rental fee

No extra fees to use Packt reusales. Nice, eh?

$20 replacement fee

We trust you won't but if you lose or damage a bag we'll need to replace it to keep the system humming along.

Pricing anchor


Packt's bags are made of a hemp and cotton blend that is lined with food-grade water-proof film. They can safely carry food and are lovingly handmade in Quebec.

The bags are washed and sanitized in a commercial facility here in Toronto in accordance with health and safety regulations.

We are proud to be using detergents and sanitizers made in Canada and available in bulk, package-free.

A Packt zero waste coffee bag on display on a yellow background.
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