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A Packt eco-friendly coffee bag on the counter with fresh brewed coffee at Subtext Coffee Roasters


  • Is it safe to reuse bags?
    The great news is that reusable packaging is perfectly safe when properly washed and sanitized. Which is why our bags are taken to a professional cleaning facility after each use. Neither Packt nor our partners allow for the bags to be refilled after they have been used (until they've been professionally cleaned) to keep us all safe and healthy.
  • How long can I keep the bag?
    You need to return the bags within 60 calendar days from the day of receiving them to avoid replacement fees. When you pre-order online, your 60 day rental period starts the day you receive your order, not the day you order. If you find you still have contents inside after 60 days, simply move them to an airtight opaque container and return your bags.
  • How do I return my Packt bags?
    Stop by one of the drop off locations (the same as our partner locations) and pop the bag(s) in a Packt drop off bin. Then let us know that you returned them using the return form or emailing us.
  • How will I know when to return the bags?
    We got you - we will keep on reminding you until the bag(s) are safe in a drop bin. To make sure you don’t miss it, we will text you 2 brief reminders before your due date.
  • Can I keep the bag?
    We hope that will like our bags so much that you will want to keep them. BUT, like with any rental, we need them back to circulate between the businesses, the consumers and us. The more they are used, the more throwaway packaging saved from landfill.
  • Can I order Packt for delivery?
    This depends on where you're ordering from and their sales channels. Check out our partners page to learn how to order from each of them.
  • I want to buy the Packt bags.
    Our bags are not for sale at this time. The reason is what we call "The Water Bottle Conundrum." How many reusable water bottles do you own? Do most of them sit idle in your cupboard? Yeah, same here. This is what we're trying to avoid with reusable packaging. Packt is founded in the belief that we don't all need to own one of everything, but can instead share and that this creates less waste in the long-term. And: we are big fans of and active participants in the BYO (Bring Your Own) movement. Should you wish to join the BYO movement too and start reusing a container for coffee beans, tea and other products, you will need to check with the business to learn if they accept BYO and then provide your own container(s). We'd wager that you already own something you can use: an empty sauce jar, an empty single-use coffee bag, a tupperware, a bulk bag, a ziploc freezer bag that you noticed is sturdy enough to be washed and reused repeatedly ... the list goes on. If Packt encourages you to start BYO-ing, that's a win win in our book.
  • Can I have the bag refilled?
    Great that you’re into ‘Bring Your Own’! Our bags however, need to be washed and sanitized after each use which is why we need it when you’re done with your coffee.
  • Do I need to wash the bag before I return it?
    Nope! Just make sure there are no beans left in it. Leave it to us and our expert cleaning partner to deal with the rest.
  • I don’t live anywhere near Packt partner locations.
    We are still testing and improving, and will be adding more partners as we grow. If you are in Toronto and want your favourite coffee shop to sell beans in Packt, drop us a line (and let them know, too. ;)
  • How much does it cost?
    To join Packt is free. Rental fees are set by our business partners: currently they are not charging a fee at all.
  • Will you send reminders, and how often?
    We certainly will. After you pickup your coffee, we will send you an email that includes all pertinent 'how-to' information (e.g. how to return your bag and where) and notes your due date. We will then send you 2 reminder texts before your due date: 7 days before you are due, and 1 day before your are due. When you bag is 1 day overdue, we will reach out with a gentle nudge. Our primary goal is to always get the bag back, so you don't have to worry about a replacement fee invoice unless you plan you keep the bag. Feel free to reply to these messages if you have any questions.
  • What if I keep it longer than 60 days?
    We will send a secret agent to quietly retrieve the bag… just kidding! We’ll be in touch to remind you to return the bag on time. Our primary goal is to always get the bag back, so you don't have to worry about a replacement fee invoice unless you plan you keep the bag. If you keep the bag, we will send you an invoice for a replacement fee of $20 per bag. Extenuating circumstances? We get it. Just get in touch.
  • What will you do with my information when I join?
    Keep it safe, and for our eyes only. Review our privacy policy for more information.
  • Do I pay a deposit for the bag?
    No ma'am. Packt is a rental system similar to a car rental, or bike share: you pay a fee to borrow the item (Packt may be $0.75), and that money is not returned to you. You agree to return the item as a condition of your rental. Deposit programs are another reuse model: the customer pays typically a significant deposit (say, $5) and they get that money back if they return it. The deposit amount is usually set to cover the cost of the item itself. If the item is never returned, the customer doesn't get their deposit back.
  • Can I return my bag(s) early?
    Certainly! You may return your bag(s) any time within the 28 day rental period. Penalties are only incurred when bags are late.
  • Will the bag keep my coffee fresh?
    With Subtext Coffee Roasters and other roasters in Toronto we ran a series of tests, and are confident that the bag will keep your coffee fresh and delicious for a minimum of 2 weeks (likely more, especially for lighter roasts). If you won’t go through it in that time, we recommend moving it to an airtight container. If you buy more than one bag at a time: we recommend that the additional bags be stored in an airtight container.
  • When and why do you charge a $20 replacement fee?
    Our goal is to never have to charge the replacement fee. If your bags become overdue we'll reach out to make sure that you're aware of your due date and ask you to return it as soon as possible. Our goal is always to get the bags back into circulation, reducing waste. ​ An invoice for the $20 replacement fee per bag will be sent if we don't manage to get them back. We've been told that $20 seems like a lot. And we understand that because so many of the products consumed these days are made overseas (potentially with cheaper labour, unsafe conditions, poor environmental practices and/or supply chain questionability). But these quality bags are handmade in Quebec by individuals being paid a living wage. The $20 replacement fee primarily covers the cost we paid for the bags, with a little extra to cover the cost of needing to replace them.
  • My business is not in Toronto. Can I still join?
    Not yet… But we want to see reusables in all cities so drop us a line if you’re interested in joining.
  • What products can be packaged in Packt?
    Most dry goods, like crackers, trail mix, homemade granola, beans or rice, and many more. If you think Packt may be a solution for you, let's chat.
  • Is Packt only suitable for coffee beans?
    No way. We think everything packaged in single-use disposables needs to switch to a sustainable, reusable solution. While the Packt bag is our current product and works well for a variety of dry goods, we expect to add additional types of reusable packaging options to our services. Let us know what you'd like to pack and we will see what we can do.
  • I don’t feel comfortable with accepting used bags.
    We hear you and that’s why we’ve designed our drop off bins to be contactless for your and your customers. Once your drop bin is in place, all you need to do is let us know if it’s getting full before the set collection day.
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